Jessica Chandler, co-owner, holds decades of real estate investment, ownership, and rental experience. She also spearheaded autoimmune research and diagnostics sales industry breakthroughs, as the President of a California-headquartered life sciences company.

Combining her knowledge of real estate and life sciences, Jessica opened Five Star Window Detailing as a strategic resource for the real estate industry's post-pandemic resurgence. Since then, it has become much more. As a former member of OC Pros Network, she has come to realize the epic lack of truly exceptional work that is available to the general public in Orange County. In a world of mediocre, it is great being known as the very best in class within the window cleaning industry.

Dino Changanaqui, co-owner, comes to the market with over 25 years of telephone sales experience selling millions of dollars' worth of precious metals for one of the premier precious metal's companies in the USA. Dino segued that sales experience to become the general manager of one of the nation's largest window cleaning franchises in Orange County. As the commercial side of the business plummeted to zero during the covid pandemic, he switched gears and was able to drive the business into the residential side, thus increasing sales by over 300% and essentially saving the company. Due to the company's success under his management, the company was later sold to a competing firm. Under his guidance, the standing of the company's performance within the community was such that he was able to increase pricing across the board, and the company became the go-to firm for window cleaning in Orange County.

Dino was recruited to Five Star Window Detailing, based on his stellar industry reputation. His systems of efficiency, and extreme attention to detail, have set Five Star Window Detailing apart from all other service providers.

Dino, a Veteran, has made it his mission to hire US Military Veterans whenever possible.