Pristine windows to showcase your business!

In business, image is everything. Your client's first impression as they walk into your establishment should be one that screams your company's success, professionalism, and attention to detail. Five Star Window Detailing helps you maintain that image by keeping the windows and surrounding areas of your business flawless. You go run your business and make your millions. Leave the windows to us.

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How to DETAIL your commercial windows

  1. Remove screens (if any) and wash through our Aztec Vertical Window Screen Washer.
  2. Clear cobwebs in and around windows, window casings and window mouldings - inside and outside of the windows.
  3. Brush dirt out of all window casings, jambs, and tracks with 4" brush to loosen all compacted materials and insect remains.
  4. Vacuum tacks, casings and surrounding areas of residual debris (inside).
  5. Use Ryobi jet-fan blower to clear out all debris from around and in windows, casings, tracks, jambs and surrounding areas (outside).
  6. Clean windows with a professional window scrubber and professional window squeegee using a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that leaves the windows streak free and disinfected.
  7. Use filtered and deionized water and professional water-fed pole system to scrub windows and rinse afterward (outside).
  8. If excessive bird poo is on glass, scrub with Ryobi Power Scrubber to remove. Rinse with waterfed pole and deionized water (outside).
  9. If there is paint overspray, use Unger Ergotec glass scraper to remove, making sure glass is wet so as not to scratch glass. If outside, rinse with deionized water. If inside, use window scrubber and squeegee.
  10. Dry all corner of glass with absorptive towel to prevent any drips or streaks.
  11. Buff glass with soft cloth diaper to make sure glass finish is perfect.
  12. Dry tracks and clear any residual water accumulated due to water fed cleaning using clean, dry towel.
  13. Reinstall cleaned screens into appropriate windows, correctly (if applicable).
  14. Allow windows to remain open to air dry windows, tracks and screens.
  15. Repeat process on EVERY window.
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