In the event you need to reschedule or cancel a service, we require at least a 48-hour notice prior to your scheduled date. All services $249.00 and below will incur a $25.00 cancellation fee. All Services $250.00 and above will incur a 10% fee calculated off the total scheduled services. We hope you understand this policy is in the best interest of our technicians who depend on a full day of work.

Due to coastal California weather, we play most rain days by ear. If the weather is predicting an 80-100 % chance of rain, our office will call you the day before to discuss rescheduling options. If the weather is showing less than 80% or scattered showers, we sometimes wait until the morning of to see what happens. If it is raining, we will call you to reschedule exterior cleaning services. We do try to complete as much interior cleaning as possible when the weather impacts full-service capability. For window cleaning, we often have homeowners concerned with a deadline of selling their home but needing windows cleaned before pictures and showings. Our standard answer is that a clean window that is rained on looks better than a dirty window that is rained on. Rain in the forecast does not affect our ability to wash roofs, houses, or exterior stone.

Five Star Window Detailing has a minimum job requirement of $150.00 for all services.

Quotes given are valid for 10-days. Prices are subject to change if the service(s) are in a different condition than what was seen during the estimate.

In general, we try to keep pricing as quoted, however, there are some circumstances that change the price based on variables. Examples are but not limited to gutter cleaning (how full they are, clogged downspouts), power washing (if there is excessive mold, stains), or new windows (different style, glue, tape, mortar) or solar screens have been installed. Some pricing is adjusted on an as-needed basis to reflect our current rates.

Five Star Window Detailing must be notified within 24-hours of a completed service if there are any presumed damages, discontent with the cleaning, or any other instance that would require a return visit. Timeliness is crucial as many other service providers like pest control, lawn maintenance, etc. visit homes and often work in the same areas. If we are not allowed to visit and evaluate the situation, there will be no reduction in cost or other means used to satisfy the customer. It is understood that customers have agreed upon an amount, and it is unacceptable to "name the price" they are willing to pay unless mutually agreed upon with written documentation. We will always return to fix any human error. Should this ever arise, we use these instances as teachable moments to prevent the same occurrence in the future. Allowing us to visit helps us continually improve and hopefully leaves you with the cleaning you expected by a company that honors their word and will do anything within their power to deliver on expectations.

Window glass is manufactured quickly and often has defects. It is common to find fingerprints and scratches between the glass. It is also common that most people do not notice these defects until a window has been thoroughly detailed. After a detailing, if you recognize these issues, contact your builder to find out if you have a warranty.

Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for these pre-existing conditions:


  • The adhesive on alarm sensors wears down over time. Our technicians are as careful as possible but simply lifting a window will make them loose or fall off in some instances. Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for alarm sensor replacement or reinstallation.
  • Calcium removal is not included in routine cleaning and is quoted separately as window remediation. This often looks like white irregularly shaped spots and window remediation requires additional time and materials. Calcium deposits are typically caused by pool sweeps or sprinklers and will not come clean with a regular cleaning.
  • Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for screens that are damaged, severely weathered, or are brittle with age and break during removal. Screens must be removed in order to clean the window. If you are concerned with the condition of your screens, we kindly ask you to remove them prior to Five Star Window Detailing's arrival for on-site service.
  • Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for windows that are not secured properly. We must be able to open the window, clean the glass, and complete the cleaning with the frame and glass being securely in place. If there is a problem, we would refer you to the manufacturer and or installer, as they typically have a warranty.
  • Tempered glass will not be remediated where needed unless a waiver of liability is signed in advance.
  • Interior tracks: This requires lifting the window to clean the track that it sits in. The tiny crevices in the corners are not guaranteed to be spotless; sometimes what is visible is a hairline crack in paint or caulking.
  • Security screens connected to alarms should be disconnected by the customer. These are often delicate, sensitive, and may require a visit by the alarm company to ensure they are functioning properly after being disconnected from the security system.
  • Skylights are quoted for exterior cleaning only. We do not suggest cleaning the inside other than cobweb removal in the area.
  • Fogged windows and broken seals are not caused by cleaning a window. The amount of water or pressure used by our cleaners is no more than what could be experienced by heavy rain. Windows will not leak unless they have broken seals, cracks, or if the frames have separated.
  • Customer should remove valuables and family heirlooms from the vicinity of the window, to ensure no possible damage occurs.
  • Windows that are blocked by heavy furniture must be accessible for window detailing services to be completed. Any objects that obstruct access for window detailing services must be moved prior to our arrival. If these obstructions are not removed prior to our arrival, the quoted cost will be deducted from the invoice.
  • When exterior-only services are scheduled, interior dirt becomes more noticeable. The easiest way to determine if interior glass needs detailing is to make an" "x" with your finger on the glass. If you can see the "x", we recommend detailing.
  • Sticker removal is an additional charge unless specified in the estimate.
  • Commercial cleanings require windows to be accessible and free of clutter. We do not remove signs.




  • Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for loose or damaged gutters.
  • We do not repair gutters; we only clean the valleys and flush the downspouts.
  • During the flushing portion of gutter cleaning, our technicians may discover that downspouts are clogged. If so, they will discuss with you the additional cost to clear them before proceeding. In most cases it is impossible for an estimator to see this or know the severity, as clogs are discovered during flushing.
  • Five Star Window Detailing does not unclog French drains. We recommend a plumber for this service.
  • Should the technician find an excessive amount of debris in the gutters, we allow for an additional charge for dirt and debris.




  • There is not a 100% guarantee that all stains will be removed. The time, material, and previous products used are all factors in the success.
  • If a pool exists, they are typically close to the drains that are used during window detailing services. This means that while we do our best to move all debris to the drain, it is inevitable that debris may enter the pool. This may require a pool cleaning that is not covered by Five Star Window Detailing.
  • We use environmentally safe products for deep cleaning and detailing with power washing. These are non-damaging materials that are tested to be safe on all surfaces. These non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-combustible, non-fuming materials leave a light citrus scent.
  • Outdoor lights must be unplugged or taken down prior to our arrival.
  • Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for broken seals, bad caulking, or cracks that may cause windows, doors, or any other leaks into your home. If you are aware of any leaks, please fix them prior to scheduling soft washing or bring these to the attention of our Technicians. If you will not be home, please leave towels down in front of doors or windows that leak.
  • Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for tripped breakers or GFCI outlets. Most homes have two located in garages. Although rare, these can become tripped during cleaning.




  • Porch lamps and light fixtures scheduled for cleaning must be turned off and allowed to cool before our arrival.
  • Five Star Window Detailing is not responsible for loose glass, missing screws, or missing attachments. Glass that breaks-to-touch is not covered by Five Star Window Detailing.
  • Bulbs can be replaced during cleaning and must be provided by the customer.


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