Keeping your windows clean is a challenge. From fingerprints to bird poo, maintaining residential windows in pristine condition is not easy. It is a never-ending cleaning cycle - especially if you have young kids or grandkids. In addition, hard-to-reach windows requiring a ladder to access, pose a potential unwanted trip to the emergency room... or worse. Five Star Window Detailing is the solution to keeping your windows looking perfect - and you or a loved one, out of the hospital.

Using traditional old-school cleaning ingredients for the interior of your residential home windows, our proprietary window cleaning solution not only cleans, but also disinfects the glass, killing any nasty stuff that might be on it without poisoning you, your pets or your plants.

Outside, we use the latest technology in water filtration and deionization to remove all dirt and debris off your glass leaving your windows spotless. We also advocate for the use of power tools to make sure that nothing gets in between you and your view.

The window cleaning, however, is only half the story. Our fearless leader always says: "It's all in the prep." What exactly does that mean? It means first, clearing cobwebs, vacuuming window tracks, wiping down windowsills and window frames, scraping off paint overspray, scrubbing off bird poo, cleaning the screens, etc. Only after all this is complete can you begin the process of making the windows perfect. Any skipping of steps leads to crappy results.

At Five Star Window Detailing we don't skip steps. We work our window detailing process exactly the same way- every time - whether it's a mansion or a mobile home.

How Five Star Window Detailing makes your windows shine!

Windows not gleaming after a cleaning?

Our window detailing process covers more than just cleaning the glass. We clean EVERY PART of your windows. Here is the checklist of our process that we follow EVERY TIME to ensure your windows are at their absolute best.

How to DETAIL your residential windows:

  1. Remove screens and wash through our Aztec Vertical Window Screen Washer.
  2. Clear cobwebs in and around windows, window casings, and window moldings - inside and outside of the windows.
  3. Brush dirt out of all window casings, jambs, and tracks with a 4" brush to loosen all compacted materials and insect remains.
  4. Vacuum tacks, casings, and surrounding areas of residual debris (inside).
  5. Use Ryobi jet-fan blower to clear out all debris from around and in windows, casings, tracks, jambs, and surrounding areas (outside).
  6. Clean windows with a professional window scrubber and professional window squeegee using a non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning solution that leaves the windows streak-free and disinfected.
  7. Use filtered and deionized water and a professional water-fed pole system to scrub windows and rinse afterward (outside).
  8. If excessive bird poo is on the glass, scrub it with Ryobi Power Scrubber to remove it. Rinse with a water-fed pole and deionized water (outside).
  9. If there is paint overspray, use Unger Ergotec glass scraper to remove it, making sure the glass is wet so as not to scratch the glass. If outside, rinse with deionized water. If inside, use a window scrubber and squeegee.
  10. Dry all corners of the glass with an absorptive towel to prevent any drips or streaks.
  11. Buff glass with soft cloth diaper to make sure the glass finish is perfect.
  12. Dry tracks and clear any residual water accumulated due to water-fed cleaning using a clean, dry towel.
  13. Reinstall cleaned screens into appropriate windows, correctly.
  14. Allow windows to remain open to air dry windows, tracks, and screens.
  15. Repeat the process on EVERY window.

For a free estimate on residential window cleaning services based in Costa Mesa, CA, and servicing the entire Orange County Region please contact us.